Submit your art for one or both events!


Event 1 “Phoenix Rising” Church of Art Grand Opening at Waterloo Arts Fest

We are a clergy of art innovators who work together, as a team, on public and underground projects, while also co-curating unconventional exhibits in re-invented art spaces. The Church of Art is committed to showing and producing highly creative, edgy art that breaks barriers in today’s stagnant art scene.

Come help us lay the foundation for our new gallery space located in the former Satellite Gallery, 442 East 156th Street in Collinwood. Your art will remain permanently on these walls for the life of The Church of Art. This is an open call for artists to come into the Church of Art and paint, draw, collage or use any medium directly on the gallery walls, floors and ceilings. You will be free to come and go 12 hours a day for 5 days to create your art on these gallery walls, floors and ceilings.

Days and hours to create your art: Gallery open for artists to work every day from Friday, June 22 through Tuesday June 26 from 10 am to 10 pm.

Please contact us at to confirm you will be creating art during the gallery open hours or call Loren, 330 414-5706 to arrange other times. Artists can start now or anytime prior to the gallery open hour dates to get their choice of wall, floor and ceiling locations by calling Loren.

This communal, installation-like experience will be our Grand Opening show on Saturday, June 30 during Waterloo Arts Festival. The art will remain on the gallery walls permanently!


Event 2 “CAN’T Triennial” At the “Rooms to Let” Event

Only 1 in 5 Cleveland area artists was accepted into an exhibit this summer intended to represent the Cleveland area art scene. Feeling rejected? Join us!

The Church of Art is hosting “CAN'T Triennial” as part of Rooms to Let, July 28 & 29th 2018. 

“CAN'T Triennial” will be seen by the huge audience of Rooms to Let in addition to the audience drawn to see the hundreds of Cleveland artists displayed in this unique Slavic Village venue. This unjuried show will feature Cleveland area artists who were not accepted into the other exhibits this summer.

“You 'CAN'T' Get Rejected From 'CAN'T!”

Following the weekend long Rooms to Let event, “CAN'T Triennial” will travel to a more permanent location for extended exhibit dates, coinciding with The Front Triennial

The Church of Art is committed to showing and producing highly creative, edgy art that breaks barriers in today’s stagnant art scene. “CAN'T Triennial” embraces our ideology of dismissing established methods of choosing artists based on education, resumes, art-speak, and other gibberish.

To exhibit in “CAN'T Triennial”, …EASY! send your name, contact number, and approximate dimensions of your art to Put “CAN’T Triennial” as the subject

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